Welcome To My Popup Portfolio!

Business site

Portal for my web development job that also features a generative piece I made


Contains a few half-baked yet well-intentioned code projects - most notably my essay writer.

Physical Projects


At ITP camp 2017 I attempted to recreate an "e-meter" (essentially a branded lie detector test) used by Scientologists to emotionally interrogate and manipulate members of their church.

The dial is programmed through an Arduino to twitch and fluctuate according to data taken from a heart rate sensor and a skin conductance sensor, both to be worn on the fingers.

The device was constructed by me with help and support from some wonderful ITP camp counselors.


These are some prototypes of phones from another dimension.

iPhone 4, Sugru, iHome control buttons
Fake moss, Droid X
Plaster, silver leaf, iPod Nano 6th generation screen